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Leaden accumulators and batteries
A leaden accumulator is nowadays the most used secondary source. High demand for these accumulators is caused by acceptable price, high reliability and good performance. Leaden batteries of these accumulators are made in capacities from 1 to 10 000 Ah.
Most of the leaden accumulators which we offer have the voltage of 12 V.
Proper charging of leaden batteries is nowadays very important for achieving a proper function and long lifetime of accumulators. Very important is to mind the battery wear. Desulfation, in other words, regeneration of leaden battery, is the most effective when accumulators are charged. More than 80% of all leaden accumulators end their lifetime due to sulfation.
A traction battery has high cyclic resistance, which means that the battery can be repeatedly maximally discharged. 
Don't throw unfunctional batteries away, they are very dangerous if they are thrown away in nature! There are recycling points where the purchase of leaden batteries is realised or they can be also stored in appropriate containers. That way you help to protect the environment.
You can find more detailed overview in our article.

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